Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Artist - scientist pair: Deborah & David

The impact of climate change on marine ecosystems, now a global issue, is difficult to imagine as we go about our daily lives. Discourse around the topic of climate change and the need to reduce emissions to benefit future generations is well advanced, but focused mainly on terrestrial issues. According to our scientific paper, we must now focus our attention on the ocean’s current progression of change, which is laying the foundation for a larger, possibly catastrophic, impact on our planet.

This collaboration between artist Deborah Hewson and ecologist David Kelleghan will study the impact of ocean acidification and reduced salinity on marine ecosystems, exploring the issue in relation to everyday life. Change is a key part of the teams focus. Using salt, sand and water as a starting point, they intend to follow a materials led process of experimentation and research. Their method of engagement will be through social media, engaging the non-science community in a visual / playful way and creating a materials led artwork for exhibition.

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