Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fiona Harrington: Growing Culture

The first piece of the PaperMakers project entitled 'Growing Culture' by Fiona Harrington is now being exhibited at the Zoology museum at the University of Glasgow. 

The title of this piece references the scientific use of the petri dish as an instrument to grow and study cell culture. It is also a comment on the need within society to grow and develop a culture of awareness regarding how we as humans impact our environment and the natural world.

This piece is constructed using 200 year old Irish Lace techniques. The lace is made using a tiny needle and a thread as fine as a human hair. The three petri dish samples took approximately 130 hours of intricate hand stitching, creating a network of minute pattern systems.

The design is inspired by the natural microcosms which exist along the Irish coastline. Upon close inspection, they reveal a self-contained world, a world of miniature. Each of these however plays a vital role in maintaining balance and stability within a shared environment.

Through this work Fiona's aim is to highlight the delicacy and fragility of our ecosystem and the importance in preserving and protecting our inherited world.

Check it out.

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